Board Meeting Minutes — January 2014

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December 6, 2018
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December 8, 2018

Board Meeting Minutes — January 2014

KOPN Board Meeting Minutes 1/21/14


Present were John Betz, Brett Norton, James Oxford, Kay Allen, Phillip Rabbitt, Ellen Schlie, Connie Hyman, Peter Anger, David Owens, and James Ginns

Meeting Began at 7:00 pm

The Minutes for October and November were approved.

Changes to Board Membership

The Board welcomed five elected members: Peter Anger, Kay Allen, James Ginns, Phillip Rabbitt, and Connie Hyman. Kay, James and Connie had previously been temporary appointees. The Board appointed Brett Norton and James Oxford to the Board.

Connie Hyman nominated last year’s board members to their previous positions and Kay Allen as Vice President to replace outgoing member Thomas Verdot. This makes board officers thus:

President: John Betz

Vice President: Kay Allen

Secretary: James Ginns

Treasurer: Atish Sen

Mailing List

The letter for board nominations and ballots went out quite late, with not enough time to mail ballots back. Participants were able to email ballots, take them to the station, or bring them to the annual meeting. The lateness of the letter revealed difficulties in maintaining our mailing and email lists which will be important for upcoming pledge drives. Some of these difficulties have arisen from transferring donor lists for an older version of Quick Books to a newer one, but some will be ongoing. Suggestions included:

Software that could automatically check for inactive email addresses, sending email thanks after pledge drives to ensure proper recording keeping, and collecting information during pledge drives via computer.

Boone Electric County Trust

The Boone Electric County Trust has offered us a $10,000 dollar grant to upgrade our computer network. Discussed changes in the network included:

  • replacing Windows XP machines (now that Microsoft won’t support it)
  • adding to our computer network (which is a bit haphazard)
  • having new computers in the News Room so it can serve its function as a studio
  • computers for the purpose of digitizing the music library so as to make room for more music
  • having an in house computer to capture our stream rather than off site
  • having the hardware for audio on demand

Organization of Meeting Minutes

It was noted that many changes in policy have been passed and recorded in the minutes but it has not been easy to locate when changes were decided at any given moment. David Owens noted that he wasn’t aware which meeting the membership level went up from $50 to $60, among other changes that have accrued over the years. Currently the notes are a bit inaccessible, it was discussed that a method be developed to put them on the web. KOPN is undergoing an audit authorized by the Board and David expressed a wish to ensure the minutes would be available. This would be useful if an important party such as an auditor, inspector, or foundation offering a grant would wish to see them.

Como Gives Campaign

This year, KOPN partnered with The Central Foundation of Central Missouri in their Como Gives campaign, which coordinated end of the year giving for 30 local non-profits. Though official tallies were not in, an unofficial estimate was that KOPN raised $5800. It was noted that solicitations for the Como Gives campaign sometimes resulted in direct contributions to the station outside the Como Gives campaign. As the Como Gives campaign offered incentives for fund raising totals it may be desirable to emphasize the contributions go to Como Gives in the future.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:46

Minutes by James Ginns

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