Board Meeting Minutes — January 2012

Board Meeting Minutes — February 2012
December 8, 2018
Board Meeting Minutes — November 2011
December 8, 2018

Board Meeting Minutes — January 2012

Minutes of the meeting of the
New Wave Corporation Board of Directors January 24, 2012, 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
in the Ashlock Room at the KOPN Offices and Studios,

915 East Broadway, Columbia, MissouriCall to Order: The meeting was called to order by President John Betz at 7:25 pm.

Present: John Betz, President; Tom Verdot, Vice President; David Owens, General Manager; Joy Rushing, Treasurer; Steve Gallagher, Atish Sen, and Ellen Froeschner. Not Present: Karl Skala, Meg Poche, Kyle Cook, Ken Leija.

Election of Officers: Ellen Froeschner made a motion to retain the current officers. Second: Steve Gallagher. The motion passed unanimously.

Appointed Board Members: John Betz proposed that Aris Williams and Ann Mehr be appointed to the Board. Steve Gallagher made a motion that they be appointed to the Board. Second: Ellen Froeschner. The motion passed unanimously. (NOTE: Board appointments are now for one-year terms.)


Tom Betz directed the Board’s attention to Other Station Concerns where is should show that Steve Jerrett said that companies are “sending” music in MP3 format, not “selling” it in MP3 format. David Owens noted that the Minutes of the October meeting were approved, not the August minutes. The minutes were approved with the two corrections.

Treasurers Report

  • Audit Status: Tom Verdot made a motion to accept the proposal of Marberry & Eagle;

    Second: Ellen Froeschner. The motion passed unanimously.

  • Separate Account for Capital Campaign Funds. Joy Rushing proposed opening a separate bank account for funds that are restricted for capital purchases. There was a general discussion of opening a savings account for this purpose. Tom Verdot made a motion to set up a savings account with Boone County Bank for capital funds, and transfer funds from the savings account into the checking account when purchases are made. Second: Atish Sen. The motion passed unanimously.

    General Manager’s Report

• Air Room Report. David discussed the situation with the loss of the board in the air room on December 23, 2011. The broadcast board ceased to operate, and they were not able to get it back up. There is a toggle switch in the engineering room that allows the immediate transfer

of the broadcast function to the production room. When David tried to activate the production room, the toggle switch broke. David fixed that and got the production room up and running as a broadcast room.

The station has been broadcasting from the production room since that time. In the meantime, the board in the air room has been cleaned and appears to be working correctly, and a new computer has been purchased for the air room.

David plans to switch back to broadcasting from the broadcast room as soon as repairs can be completed on the toggle switch in the engineering room, so if there are further problems with the air board the transfer to broadcasting from the production room can be made immediately. His goal is to be back in the broadcast room in time for the pledge drive (the week of February 13). Ultimately, he would like to be able to easily broadcast from both rooms so a programmer can be doing their show in one room, while another host is getting their guests ready in the other room. Ellen Froeschner asked what the cost of doing that would be. David Owens responded that the estimate for all the necessary equipment was approximately $50,000.

John Betz said he would be planning a “field trip” for members of the Board to go see the broadcast tower.

• February Pledge Drive

You are the heart of Community Radio – KOPN still beating strong. It will be the week of February 23, and sign-up sheets are up in the green room. There is a kick-off party Tuesday, January 31 at the Bridge (karaoke night), which is on Walnut, east of 10th Street, across from Perlow-Stephens Gallery. John and David encouraged board members to help out with the pledge drive.

Board Training Presentation: Postponed until the next board meeting.

Unfinished business

Tom Verdot indicated that he is still pursuing the idea of making CD’s of KOPN programs. He is concerned about proper mastering of the material. David suggested that Tom get in touch with Trina Brunk, and Ellen Froeschner suggested Pete Skoka.

New Business/ Other Business

Atish Sen asked about the news that producers will be sending music in MP3 format. Does that mean we will need additional computer storage? David Owens responded that we will need more computer storage, and he is taking that into consideration in his making a list of the station’s equipment needs.

The meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm.

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