Board Meeting Minutes — January 2010

Board Meeting Minutes — February 2010
December 8, 2018
Board Meeting Minutes — December 2009
December 8, 2018

Board Meeting Minutes — January 2010



915 E. Broadway, KOPN Studios 19 January 2010

A meeting of the Board of Directors of KOPN was held on Tuesday, January 19, 2010 in the Ashlock Room at KOPN, 915 E. Broadway. In attendance at the meeting were Board President Thomas Sobieck, Ray Marks, Tom Verdot, Sheryl Clapton, Jim Baker, Meg Poche, Bridget Early, Ann Mehr, John Betz, and David Owens.


Meg Poche told the Board that she had mistakenly listed Thomas Sobieck as being at the December Board meeting and that the minutes needed to be amended to reflect his absence. The Board directed John Betz to make the correction.

There being no other changes or additions to the minutes, Board President Thomas Sobieck asked for a motion to accept the minutes as submitted. Sheryl Clapton made the motion to accept the minutes. Jim Baker seconded the motion. The Board approved the December, 15, 2009 minutes.

General Manager’s Report:

David Owens gave a report about KOPN’s live broadcast for the Martin Luther King birthday celebration. He also reported that the ballots for the upcoming election for new Board members had been mailed and that he hoped to have the results ready for announcement at the KOPN Annual Member Meeting on January 24. He informed the Board that he and his staff were making preparations for the upcoming February pledge drive. He said that there were some “tracking” issues with the “thank you” gifts during the last drive and that he hoped to resolve the problem before the winter drive was under way.

David reported that he had received the latest check from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. The amount was $6,408.80. He said that Holly Manness was working on the KOPN Radio Theatre project and would be ready for the performance this April. She is also working on arrangements for the Collette Vacation Package project.

David told the Board that there was going to be a meeting on January 22 to discuss ideas for future raising projects. He said he would be making a report to the Board in February about the suggestions made at the meeting.

Officer and Committee Reports:

Meg Poche gave a report on the activities of the programming committee. She said they had approved ideas for two new late-hour talk shows.

The Board discussed possible ways of conducting a poll of KOPN members and listeners to get an idea of their feelings about the quality of station programming. Tom Verdot suggested that the Board might consider conducting a poll on the KOPN website. Thomas Sobieck said that the station might consider asking for suggestions about possible new programming that we can afford. Ray Marks thought that we could emphasis to our listeners that they could assist by doing the actual “homework” in tracking down new programs that could be broadcast by KOPN.

The Board discussed options for a future location for the KOPN studios. The general manager expressed his concerns about the necessity of getting started on a plan for relocation long before the present lease runs out in 2016. David passed along to Randi Bishop three addresses in North Central Columbia that might have possibilities for the station’s future relocation. Randi’s intentions are to stay involved in the relocation project even though she is no longer on the Board. The Board felt that Randi Bishop’s and Tom Verdot’s committee should be larger to help in this important project and should meet at least once a month.

Unfinished Business:

Tom Verdot told the Board he was having difficulty locating independent information on the ProFund Golf fundraiser group. He said that he had had problems communicating with organizations that had used the services of ProFund and that this was something the Board needed to look into. Ray Marks volunteered to contact ProFund and ask for references. Tom said that he would check into other groups who might provide a similar service to organizations. He also suggested to the Board that it might consider other fund raising ideas such as a biking fundraiser, etc.

David reminded the Board that there would be an election of the new officers at the February 16th Board meeting .

The meeting was adjourned at 8:15 p.m.

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