Board Meeting Minutes — February 2017

Board Meeting Minutes — January 2017
November 13, 2018
Board Meeting Minutes — March 2017
November 14, 2018

Board Meeting Minutes — February 2017

New Wave Corporation Board Meeting,Cope Ashlock Room, KOPN


Meeting Came to Order at 7:10PM at KOPN on February 21, 2017


Present: Dan Hemmelgarn (president), Ellen Schlie (vice president), Laird Okie, Curt Wohleber, David Owens (station manager). Allen Vaught, Margot McMillan, Kevin Roe, Ellen Schier, board members and guests Kent Freshly with iZones and Boden Lyon, student with MU.


Heard presentation from Kent Froeschle with iZones who pitched the board on internet and phone services with at reduced rates in exchange for mounting microwave sectors mounted on the towser. Proposal attached.


Margo moved to approve the minutes and Allen seconded, motion passed unanimously.  


Changes to the agenda:

Unfinished Business

add cookbooks

General Manager job description


New Business Additions:

Elect Treasurer

Discuss committees and appointments


Financial Report:

Reviewed the financial report by David. The report did not credit card liability nor Boone County Grant liability. Aging Payables $10,526.  And loss of $200 for January.  But February pledge money has not yet been received.


Cookbooks from Board of Directors past

Gail Plemmons once wanted to head this up.  Laird will contact her to see if she is interested and report back.


Curt moved and Laird seconded a motion to nominate Allen to the office of Treasurer of the Board of Directors. Motion passes unanimously.


Committee Review:

Finance committee: reviews and helps to develop the budget, work with the annual audit

Personnel committee: hiring, perf review, job desc, policy review

Equipment committee: maint, development, replacement schedule,

Facilities committee: repairs, relocation, etc.

Membership  committee: established last meeting, Tao, AV, MM

Community Advisory committee: external includes Pres of board

Programming Committee: external

Dan will send out a poll via email for board members to select committees


Allen moves that the General Manager makes a presentation on underwriting to present to the board members.  Ellen seconds. Discussion. Passed by acclimation.


GM’s report events doing well. Next first friday is women’s history month.


GM’s job description. Board requests that GM gives a job description of his position to the Board. GM will try to prepare this job description by next board meeting.  


GM Report:


ASAS report was submitted a little late, but during the extension period.

Tech Report is due March 31

FSR due today, GM solicited an extension for 45 days.

FSR Audit in process.


GM reports that the auditors are hard to work with and demanding with requests and timelines.


Motion to Adjourn by Laird, second by Margo. passed by acclamation. 8:45PM

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