Board Meeting Minutes — February 2010

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December 8, 2018
Board Meeting Minutes — January 2010
December 8, 2018

Board Meeting Minutes — February 2010


NEW WAVE CORPORATION915 E. Broadway – Columbia, Mo. February 16, 2010

A meeting of the Board of Directors of the New Wave Corporation was held in the Ashlock room at KOPN on Tuesday, February 16, 2010. In attendance were President Thomas Sobieck, Sheryl Clapton, Scott Meiner, Michelle Grant, Kyle Cook, Ray Marks, David Owens, and John Betz.


Board President Thomas Sobieck called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. The minutes of the January Board meeting were reviewed.
Thomas Sobieck asked if there were any changes or additions to the minutes. There being none, Sheryl Clapton made a motion to accept the minutes as submitted. Ray Marks seconded the motion. By a vote of the Board the motion passed.

Election of Officers:

President Thomas Sobieck asked for nominations for new officers for the coming year. John Betz made a motion to re-appoint Thomas Sobieck as Board president. Kyle Cook seconded the motion; the motion passed. Sheryl Clapton made a motion to re-appoint Scott Meiner for a second year to the position of vice president. Thomas Sobieck seconded the motion; the motion passed. Kyle Cook made a motion to appoint John Betz as Board treasurer. Sheryl Clapton seconded the motion; the motion passed. The Board agreed that Meg Poche should be offered the secretary’s position but didn’t want to appoint her until David was able to talk to her about accepting the position. A decision was made to wait until the next meeting before voting on the secretary’s position.

Committee Reports:

The Board discussed the need for moving ahead with the search for a new location for KOPN. General Manger David Owens reminded the Board that the lease agreement for the current station site runs out in 2016. He stressed to the Board that if it wanted to consider such things as someday providing multiple program streaming and continuing to build the album and cd library it needed to proceed with plans for a finding new location for the studio and not wait until the lease was close to running out. Thomas asked that Randi Bishop’s and Tom Verdot’s informal committee for finding a new home for KOPN be made a formal one and should include more members. He asked that the new committee make a report at Board meetings each month. The Board approved the president’s suggestion.

Finance Committee:

President Sobieck reported to the Board that he wanted to immediately appoint a finance committee that would meet three times a month for the purpose of writing checks, approving requests for funds from the staff and volunteers, working on the budget, and any working on any other additional financial matters. Thomas told the Board that he thought frequent monthly meetings would give the Board a better understanding of what is going on at the station and how to resolve financial problems. He also felt a financial committee would be able to assist the general manager with his work load and to allow the Board treasurer to be able to be more involved with the station’s operation. Thomas’s plan is to have the committee meet for short thirty-minute working sessions.

General Manger Report:

David Owens told the Board that the FCC had opened the door to the licensing of new full-powered radio stations. The FCC was interested in finding a sponsor to assist in opening a station at the Lake of the Ozarks or somewhere west of Moberly and Macon. If the Board had an interest in pursuing this, KOPN would be the entity pursuing the license. If the license was granted, the Board and KOPN would then work to find someone to take over the operation of the new station. David expressed to the Board that there was probably too much already being done by the station to suddenly begin dealing with a project like this. He said that he wanted more time to consider whether it were a good idea.

David said that there was going to be a meeting of the I.T. committee on February 23 for the purpose of organizing technical ideas and planning for the station. Christine Gardener and James Oxford volunteered to take over responsibility for the meeting. Interested Board members were invited to sit in.

David talked to the Board about the recent Karaoke event at the East Side Tavern. Michelle Grant informed the Board that the event netted the station $340 and that she had been pleased with the turnout and participation.

The general manager said that the Blue Note had been chosen as the site for the upcoming “Radio Play,” being handled by Holly Manness. He said two performances were being planned; one on April 8 and the other in May .

David informed the Board that he and the staff were planning on having the spring pledge drive in Mid-May. He said that there had been a discussion about having a one-day “intense” pledge drive and that he would talk more about this to the Board at the next meeting if it seemed like something he and his staff wanted to move ahead with.

Old Business:

Ray Marks reported to the Board about his research into the Pro-Fund golf organization. Ray expressed some concerns that the group seemed to be excessively involved with fundamentalist religious organizations. He suggested that the Board might want to contact a selected number of these organizations to get an idea of their experience with Pro-Fund. The Board agreed.

The Board discussed other possible fund-raising ideas similar to the golf outing proposal. David suggested investigating the possibility of having a frisbee-golf tournament that could be held at one of the parks.

The Board talked to the general manager about appointments to the Board. David said that there were two spots open now for Board- appointed members. He said that he had two possible candidates that he wanted to talk to about the openings. The Board directed the general manager to do so.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m.

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