Board Meeting Minutes — December 2014

Board Meeting Minutes — November 2014
December 8, 2018
Board Meeting Minutes — November 2013
December 8, 2018

Board Meeting Minutes — December 2014

Dec 16th, 2014 Meeting Minutes
by James Ginns

Meeting called to order at 7pm by John Betz

Present were: John Betz, Peter Anger, Atish Sen, Kay Allen, Karl Skala, Brett Norton, and James
Ginns, Ellen Schlie, and Connie Hyman, David Owens was absent owing to illness.

The Community Advisory Committee met December 4th, albeit with sparse attedance.

The Annual Meeting was set for Jan the 18th at 5pm. Given the tight schedule and previous experience
with late mailings, the Board took some initiative to get it mailed out on time, with the following
schedule: Karl to finish the letter by the 23rd, Peter to get the letter to Brake Printing by the 29th in
hopes of getting the letter out the first week of January, Use of a mailing service being at the discretion
of the General Manager.

The board discussed issues regarding our upcoming pledge drive, considered a time frame between
either Feb 2nd to the 8th or 9th to the 15th. Some concerns for the pledge drive included a coincidence
with Valentine’s Day and any possible conflict with a KBIA pledge drive (an issue confronting our last
drive). Also of note was the station’s decreased signal strength due to equipment issues. It was noted
that the equipment would be replaced shortly, however, having volunteers understand when meter
readings are out of the normal and who to talk to when they are remains an ongoing training issue.

Some discussion was had over the commercial benefits of moving certain shows to different time slots,
but a further look into the matter via a programming committee, which the station has not had in some
time, was not decided on.

Meeting ended at 8:30pm.

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