Board Meeting Minutes — August 2018

Board Meeting Minutes — September 2018
November 10, 2018
Board Meeting Minutes — July 2018
November 10, 2018

Board Meeting Minutes — August 2018

Minutes of the August 2018 meeting of the board of directors of the New Wave Corporation/KOPN

The meeting was called to order at 7:03 p.m., led by Dan Hemmelgarn.

The agenda was approved (Tim-1, Gordon-2)

Members present were Erica Dickson, Allen Vaught, Tim Pilcher, Gordon Rogers, Reggie Ford,
Dan Hemmelgarn, Heather O’Connor, Margot McMillen and John Lofton. General Manager

Sean Spence was also present.

Visiting members of the community were Nick Peckham and Jeff Stack.

Nick Peckham was present for the purpose of suggesting an idea.

The idea was the building of a small, energy-efficient house somewhere in Columbia.

Dan asked if Nick was willing to meet with a group and develop the idea further; Nick said that
he would be. Tim asked if it would be named in honor of KOPN or what the station’s
involvement would be exactly. The answer is that the station would be involved in coordination
and information sharing. There was discussion, including the idea that perhaps some of the
energy might be directed toward construction of a new facility for the station that would also
have a high ecological sustainability factor. Margot McMillen made a motion that we form an
exploratory committee of volunteers from the board to consider the proposal, meeting at least
once and possibly more if the committee determines that is appropriate. The members of this
committee will be Erica, Margot, Heather and Gordon.

Jeff Stack had the floor next, and suggested a volunteer of the month, nominating D.R.
Froeschner for one month’s honoree. He mentioned that Veterans’ News and Views is a show
that bothers him continuously. His comments are that the show is only pro-military and has
strictly guests who have had positive military experiences, and he submits the idea that KOPN
is not the appropriate venue for a show such as this. He would be happy if calls were taken on
this show. He was directed to the programming committee to have his comments heard by
those who can take action, and informed that their meetings are on the second Sunday of each

The previous month’s minutes were approved after some minor amendments. (Margot-1, Dan-2).

Financial report:
The arrangement with Accounting Plus is shifting. There will be a person from their staff
coming in to meet periodically with the staff and volunteers.

The Treasurer’s Report was accepted by voice vote. Reggie (1), Tim (2)

Ellen and Laura arrived at approximately 8 p.m.

Station Manager’s Report:

Station Technology Update:

CD 1 was not firing from the board, some lights were not working, and Jay has been continuing
to work to get them fixed, along with anything else that might be prone to breakage and/or
failure in the near future.

Sean will be moving ahead with his idea for a magazine.

New Grant applications to be filed: Missouri Foundation for Health ($25,000), Boone County
Children’s Mental Health Fund ($30,000).

Farmer’s Market Music is still being run by John Lofton, with acts there most weekends.

Two fundraising events at private homes have been scheduled.

Fiscal Working Group report:
The group met the third Thursday and went over the applications from accounting firms. They
ended up re-engaging with Accounting Plus and arranging for one of their staff to visit on site.

They are expected to complete a letter of engagement fairly soon.

Volunteer Working Group:
Has a system through which the emails come to the station, copies of the emails go to both
Sarah and Jill as well as Margot and Rhett; Rhett is charged with responding to the emails.

Volunteer trainings are scheduled.

A new board liaison may be needed for the programming committee. Laura is willing to take on
this role. Heather moved that we nominate Laura for the position, with the caveat that Jackie
can contest the change if she is still available to attend the meetings. Allen seconded the
motion, which passed by voice vote with Dan voting against.

KBIA has picked up the show 1A.

Laura brought up that the NPR news is slipping by some programmers and being played when
it is embedded in other shows. This is not supposed to be played but some programmers
know this while other have not been trained in this regard.

Programming committee: Sean was at the last meeting but there’s no specific report.

Members committee report:
The members committee met and talked about a members’ social after the next pledge drive.

There were no reports from the Engineering/IT group, the Messaging committee, or the Library
Working Group.

On behalf of the Guiding Documents Review Working Group, Gordon proposed that we accept
the plan that all appointed positions only last the remainder of the year in question, and that we
accept the following language as item 3.02.2.c of the bylaws:

“Filling Unexpired Terms of Board Members. Vacant Board-Appointed positions may, at the
Board’s discretion, be filled at any time by a majority vote of the Board. The Director thus
appointed shall serve until the next election. The Board may, at its discretion, fill any vacant
member-elected Director position if the annual Member meeting is more than three months
away. The Director thus appointed shall serve until the election at the next annual Member

Gordon also proposed that section 3.02.2.b of the bylaws be amended by the addition of
“Unfilled appointed positions shall be considered as active but vacant and the remaining
portions of such terms may be filled at a later date by the Board.” as the second sentence of
the section. Allen seconded the motion and it passed unanimously by voice vote.

New Business:

Election policy bylaws amendment:
“Voting members may cast one vote for each open position on the ballot, but no more than one
vote for any individual candidate.” Gordon proposed that this text shall be added to the
bylaws. Allen seconded, and the motion passed by unanimous voice vote.

Conflict of interest policy:
Board members were presented with copies of the conflict of interest policy provided by
Margot for signing.


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