Board Meeting Minutes — August 2017

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November 14, 2018
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November 27, 2018

Board Meeting Minutes — August 2017

August 2017 Minutes of the KOPN Board of Directors

The August 2017 Meeting of the New Wave Corporation/KOPN board of directors was held on the 15th day of the month in the Cope Ashlock room in the station. In attendance were Kevin Rae, Allen Vaught, Heather O’Connor, Boden Lyon, Laird Okie, Margot McMillen, Tao Weilundemo, and Dan Hemmelgarn. Dick Dalton was visiting to listen in.

The meeting was called to order at 7:10 p.m.

Margot moved to approve the agenda, Boden seconded, and the agenda was approved as written by voice vote.

The previous month’s minutes were distributed and read. A move to accept the minutes was made by Allen, seconded by Dan, and passed by voice vote.

Financial report: Allen shared the observation that the yields from the pledge drive and the mailer were about 20% greater than last year’s, and could be as much as 40% higher once the final amounts are in. Heather moved the financial report be approved as submitted; Margot seconded and it passed via unanimous voice vote.

Station Manager’s report: Grants: A report was filed for the grant that was received from the Missouri Arts Council. Boone County Community Trust grant application has been filed. Grants for equipment might be available from Missouri Humanities Council; an application has been submitted. Tao has also emailed with Veterans United about their grant making programs. The students at the Truman Business School are not working on our grant projects, as they would have needed a request to continue, but we’ll be on the top of their list for spring. We still have access to the grant database through the school.

Tao has enrolled us in Google AdWords, which promotes traffic to the website and live stream by targeting users who use Google to search for words that are relevant to the station.

We enrolled in G-Suite, which allows us to have more Google Drive space and easier access. It is preferred that people use Google Drive instead of Dropbox. There is a NWC folder and a KOPN folder; the first is more accounting files and non-public items, and the KOPN folder is more for volunteers.

Some knitting together will be necessary for the migration of the website.

Equipment: The transmitter went down on Wednesday and it required the installation of a new window A/C unit and resetting of the tower relay.

The button lights are getting replaced and the board is fully functional; the CD players that were recently purchased don’t have a queue function. They will be replaced by some that are pretty much identical to more the older Denons that seem to work well for people. Tao is trying to sell the non-usable but new CD players on eBay. There are now front production studios currently called “The Pod.” Tim Pilcher has been work- ing on it and it can be used for podcast and PSA production, editing etc.

August 2017 Minutes of the KOPN Board of Directors

CoMo Business Hour is a show that has been proposed by Sean Spence in the 2-3:00 time slot on Monday or Tuesday. Jackie pointed out that there should be effective training so that the hosts and guests have complete understanding of the rules of discourse, especially when busi- ness is involved, to avoid promotional content.

Staffing updates: Kara Holmes issued her resignation recently, Jill Sheets is working more hours and getting paid minimum wage but doing more.

Bookkeeping update: Sales Force is the new tool that is being used for processing donations; there will be some work involved with setting it up and shifting all the donor information into that system. Tao might be able to use help with that.

Committee and Working Group Reports:

-GM Search Committee: Jill Sheets, Sarah Catlin, Dan, Allen, and Curt have begun to work on a job description and are considering salary. One idea is to have a wide base pay range with an incentive pay in addition. Tao mentioned that there might be grants available for “capacity build- ing” such as hiring a new manager (and moving). The committee has a list of places to advertise the job, would favor a local person with a commitment to Columbia and KOPN, and are looking for a pool of people that have potential to succeed at the job.

-Financial Working Group Report: Allen and Tao met with Accounting Plus; they will work on QuickBooks online; the data entry will eventually be very minimal. The board gave their approval for the engagement of Accounting Plus as our new accountants.

-The Membership/Development Working Group didn’t meet this month, but will have a list of people to receive thank-you notes after the migration to QuickBooks online.

Fire inspection: The station failed on the basis of non-code wiring and CDs stacked up to the ceiling. Replacement of the air board is under discussion. A bookkeeper job description needs to be written.

The meeting adjourned after 9:30 p.m.

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