Board Meeting Minutes — August 2015

Board Meeting Minutes — January 2015
December 4, 2018
Board Meeting Minutes — July 2015
December 4, 2018

Board Meeting Minutes — August 2015


Meeting minutes for the August 18, 2015 meeting of the New Wave Corporation Board of Directors

The meeting was held in the Ashlock room at the station. It was called to order shortly after 7 p.m., and the previous meeting’s minutes were approved by voice vote. Board members in attendance were Atish Sen, Connie Hyman, Curt Wohleber, Kay Allen, Philip Rabbitt, Alex Ewing, and David Owens. Ellen Schlie was absent.

Laird Okie was in attendance as a prospective new board member.

The board approved the profit and loss statement for July, after a motion was made by Atish, seconded by Heather and carried by voice vote.

David delivered the staff report.

Steve Jerrett has long been the volunteer music coordinator and may become less involved in the future due to health issues.

Community events related to the One Read will be taking place the whole month of September. The audiobook will be played on-air each weekday at 1 p.m.

The farmer’s market remote on the 29th of August will be Derek Leonhardt and Jane Accurso playing acoustic music.

The Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture’s Harvest Hootenanny is going to be on Sept. 12th and David will be co-hosting its radio broadcast with Trevor Harris.

The Community Advisory Committee progress report from Connie: she has contacted Uprise Bakery about the possibility of having a table there for several hours on different evenings for the meeting. Alternatively, a presence at the Farmer’s Market is possible. We are not sure at present about what will satisfy the requirements of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Heather volunteered to be a replacement committee member since Atish is leaving.

Dan nominated Laird Okie as a board member appointee and Heather seconded the motion. The appointment passed by voice vote.

Kay submitted her resignation letter to Dan.

New business was discussed, including new ideas for funding. Kay expressed concern about the back stairs perhaps needing repair, and also reminded us of the lease situation. Atish brought up the lack of signage near the front door and the sources of grant money. Grant funds have been available from Boone Electric and Boone Family Trust, CPB, Arts Council, Community Foundation. It may be possible to have a service learning person who might focus on grant funding.

The next meeting will be Tuesday, September 15th.

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