Board Meeting Minutes — August 2014

Board Meeting Minutes — September 2014
December 6, 2018
Board Meeting Minutes — July 2019
December 6, 2018

Board Meeting Minutes — August 2014

New Wave Corporation

08/19/14 Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order at 7:04pm by John Betz

Present were John Betz, Phillip Rabbit, Brett Norton, Peter Anger, Atish Sen, John, Kay, James Oxford, Ellen Schlie and Connie Hyman.

Previous meetings minutes were approved, with the addition of noting the date of the meeting, who called it to order, and who took the minutes.

Much of the meeting revolved around KOPN’s schedule over the course of the rest of the year. Which is as follows:

  • August 21st – 31st: Drive,
  • Septmember 30th: End of KOPN’s fiscal year
  • October: Drive
  • December: End of year giving, end of year letter, and Como Gives campaign
  • January: The New Wave Corporation Annual Meeting.

Discussion was had about the possibility of finding a new auditor and making a budget. The ending of the fiscal year September 30th would make these tasks ideal around this time. The station is under no pressure to change auditors and has not had a budget for some time, but both were looked at as useful endeavors.

Also mentioned was the need to look ahead regarding the nomination of new board members for the following year. Last year’s ballot and mailing was late enough to require mostly email and at-the- meeting votes. Whilst there are a number of months before the issue will be urgent it was suggested to ask around. Board members often provide extra volunteering during crucial points for KOPN’s operations. There is also nothing preventing a New Wave Corporation board from making terrible decisions save the discretion of the individual members, so keeping a board that is both active and committed to KOPN’s mission statement is an important task.

Meeting ended at 8:25pm

Minutes taken by James Ginns

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