Board Meeting Minutes — August 2011

Board Meeting Minutes — September 2011
December 8, 2018
Board Meeting Minutes — July 2011
December 8, 2018

Board Meeting Minutes — August 2011

Board of Director’s MeetingNew Wave Corporation
915 E. Broadway – Columbia, Mo. KOPN Studios, Cope Ashlock Room

Meeting of August 16, 2011

In attendance were Ted Carstensen, John Betz, Meg Pochė, Ann Mehr, Jackie Casteel, Ruth Montgomery, Joy Rushing, Tom Verdot, Kyle Cook, and General Manager, David Owens.Absent: Bridget Early, Ellen Froeschner, Ray Marks, and Scott Meiner
Guest(s): Elizabeth D’Agostino, Central Missouri Stop Human Trafficking Coalition

Call to Order:

Board Vice President, Ted Carstensen, called the meeting to order at 7:08pm and asked for any changes to the agenda. The following changes were made:

1) Give time to Elizabeth D’Agostino to speak about the Central Mo. Stop Human Trafficking Coalition and their upcoming fund-raisers.


A motion was made to approve the minutes from the July 19th Board meeting. Ruth Montgomery motioned to approve the minutes. Tom Verdot seconded the motion. All said aye.

The Minutes from the July 19th, 2011 meeting were approved.

Guest Speaker

Elizabeth D’Agostino spoke about the Central Mo. Stop Human Trafficking Coalition and theirupcoming fund-raisers. Local designers and a line of clothing from Stephen’s College will befeatured in a fashion show to be held at Jesse Hall on Sept. 11th from 5-8pm. Doors open at 5pm. Education and local products will also be featured. Elizabeth is seeking help from KOPN to getthe word out. A discussion was held and an offer was made to help out with PSA’s and possibleinterviews with KOPN programmers. Discussions were also held regarding the possibility of a free KOPN table at the event as trade out for underwriting.

Treasurer’s Report:

Board Treasurer, John Betz presented profit and loss statements and Quickbooks reports current through July, 2011. A discrepancy exists between net income and net outflow including projected income and outstanding bills. David Owens explained that we are withholding some bills until CPB grant monies arrive. There will be a need for more fund-raisers. The draft of the audit is in house and as soon as the final audit is in, CPB will be applied for. A copy of the audit draft is available for Board members to view in the online Dropbox. Money is still arriving via mail from the fund drive and there are still uncollected bills for underwriting, which will help out a bit. There has been an apparent mishap in front office procedure, resulting in neglect to follow up on underwriting collection and resulting in a rather significant backlog of monies due to KOPN for underwriting. This may amount to tens of thousands of dollars over this fiscal year. A discussion was held about why this occurred and what was being done to account for the missing funds. An effort by office staff is being made to contact those in arrears and to reformat the accountingsystem so this won’t happen again in the future. Ted Carstensen inquired as to whether contracts were written for underwriting. Underwriting is really a donation, so written agreements need to be presented more as an acknowledgement of donation than a contract like an advertisement would require. All agreed that good practice would be to collect donations for underwriting first, before airing the underwriting.

Staff Report

As of the fund drive we are up to 140 donors for a total of about $11,000. This does not include PayPal and money is still trickling in from the pre-pledge drive letter. Kara Kirkendoll has been hired. One Read Book read starts on August 29th. Roots and Blues Festival is coming up Aug. 9- 11, Fashion Show on the 11th, Sustainable Living Fair on the 18th, 7-day pledge drive starts on October 17, fund-raiser by Brian and John in late October.

Committee Reports

Fund-Raising Committee – The Fund Raising Committee did not meet this month but plans to meet before the next meeting in September. A discussion was held regarding KOPN joining CAT-TV. Ted suggested that KOPN join under David Owen’s name. Ted has also sent links out to theFund-raising Committee to view telethon fund raisers held with other local entities such as the We Always Swing Jazz Series.

Programming Committee – The programming committee has not been meeting. Kyle Cook inquired as to what exactly the committee does. A discussion was held about Programming Committee efforts such as nurturing new programs, replacing old programs, programmer andproduction training, the idea for a “pay to get trained” program. The committee meets the 2ndTuesday of each month at KOPN.

Kyle requested an email be sent to the KOPN Volunteer List Serve that explains what the committee does, when it meets, etc.

Meeting adjourned: 8:07pm Next Meeting: September 20, 2011Submitted to the Board by Meg Poché on September 19, 2011

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