Board Meeting Minutes — August 2009

Board Meeting Minutes — September 2009
December 8, 2018
Board Meeting Minutes — July 2009
December 8, 2018

Board Meeting Minutes — August 2009

Board of Director’s Meeting

New Wave Corporation

915 E. Broadway – Columbia, Mo.

KOPN Studios, Cope Ashlock Room

Meeting of August 18, 2009

In attendance were John Betz, Randi Bishop, Ryan Kind, Meg Pochė, Tom Verdot, Thomas Sobieck, Scott Meiner, Ray Marks, Kyle Cook, Ann Mehr, and General Manager, David Owens. Absent: Sheryl Clapton, Brigette Early and James Baker.

Call to Order:

Board President, Thomas Sobieck, called the meeting to order at 7:06pm and asked for any changes in the agenda. No changes were requested.

Review of Minutes:

The minutes from the June 2009 meeting were reviewed. Ryan Kind suggested that clarification be made in the revision of the June minutes, changing a reference from “the NFCB” to “the NFCB legal manual”. Another change came under the heading “Meeting with Paul Sturtz”. The correction changed the name “Paul Sturtz” to “Whit Loy”. Under “Programming Changes” the subtitle was changed to “International Programming Access” with a clarified statement to follow. All agreed. Ryan motioned to approve the June Minutes. Kyle Cook seconded the motion. All agreed.

*The minutes from the July 2009 Board meeting were approved.Officer Reports – Exec. Meeting:

A discussion was held regarding the search for a KOPN bookkeeper. Thomas Sobieck requested that the Executive Committee be on hand to oversee the interview proceedings, and to attend an Executive Committee meeting on August 27, at 6pm.

Cash Flow

A round table discussion was held on the current and projected financial health of the station. Cash flow is expected to run out before CPB and pledge drive funds replenish the accounts in October. Discussions included taking out a personal bank loan, seeking a private loan from someone we know, seeking City of Columbia grant monies, seeking other grant opportunities, phone banks to cull monies from lapsed members, Board members calling donors they know to make a personal appeal for support, outreach options to a small number of our largest donors historically, the state of our underwriting efforts, etc. Meg inquired whether the Board should consider holding a fund raising event of their own, apart from the usual staff and volunteer efforts. Randi Bishop suggested inviting Paul Pepper to join our upcoming pledge drive efforts in October, hoping to add his following to our listener-ship at that time.

  • David Owens agreed to make sure all of the CPB updates were in.
  • Tom Verdot agreed to check with the city regarding the grant application


    A discussion was held regarding trends from last year to this year. It was agreed that a Quickbooks comparison of last years budget to this years projections should be made. After reducing programming fees and wages, projections for 2010 are down by approximately $10,000. Ann Mehr suggested other ways to cut costs such as no longer providing hard copies of notices, paperwork for Board meetings etc. Board members can be responsible for printing their own hard copy of necessary documents after having been emailed those documents.

    Other Business

  • Around the Station: David updated the Board on the upcoming One Read support through KOPN, conversations with Andy at CATTV, an upcoming meeting with our “tech” people, community service people and how they are being processed, and a discussion was held regarding the use of MU Services interns.
  • Air Room Computer: Meg expressed a concern about the outdated virus and mal-ware protection on the air-room computer. Meg spoke with Charlie Turner and he has agreed to handle updates and virus checks during his Morning Ayre program on Fridays from 5-8am. David Owens will meet with Charlie to give him access to download programs on that computer.
  • Housing Committee: Mark Timberlake’s office has a large radio tower attached to it and he has offered it to KOPN for future use, should KOPN relocate. If we are interested in the tower, Mr. Timberlake would need to know soon.

    o David Owens agreed to contact Mark Timberlake about the tower and to also invite him to a future KOPN Board meeting.

    Meeting adjourned: 9:00pm Next Meeting: September 15, 2009Respectfully submitted to the Board by Meg Poché on Sept. 12, 2009

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