Board Meeting Minutes — April 2017

Board Meeting Minutes — March 2017
November 14, 2018
Board Meeting Minutes — May 2017
November 14, 2018

Board Meeting Minutes — April 2017

Meeting Minutes of the KOPN/New Wave Corporation Board of Directors, April 18, 2017


The meeting was called to order at 7:20 p.m., after enough members arrived to constitute a quorum. In attendance were Kevin Rae, Boden Lyon, Margot McMillen, Tao Weilundemo, Heather O’Connor, Allen Vaught and Station Manager David Owens. Ellen Schlie joined the group somewhat later.


Allen ran the meeting, in his capacity as Treasurer, and Heather O’Connor took minutes.

The minutes from the March meeting were approved without revision by voice vote after a motion by Margot was seconded by Boden.


The board viewed the financial reports: Profit and Loss from March 2017, Profit and Loss to date (not fully up to date) and the balance sheet.


General Manager’s Report:

-A pledge drive will be held in May; dates have not been set. Tao will write a letter soliciting donations.

-Recent activities have netted some income, from a 10%-of-profits day and a bingo night, both at Logboat Brewery.

-The board discussed the possibility of getting the financial reports to show the money that comes in from community fundraising events as a separate line item. Current reports have “donations” as the only category of income.

-The contract sent by Kent Froeschle will be sent to a lawyer for legal review.


Allen reviewed the amounts of phone-related payments that David would be reimbursing the station for additional phone lines. The amounts did not reflect reimbursement payments that have already been made.


There was discussion about underwriting, which will remain in the Unfinished Business section of the agenda for the foreseeable future, as we regain ground in this area.


Working group reports:

Note: There is a video of the tour of the station equipment and facilities, from a tour David gave to Tao and Dan Hemmelgarn. Ellen used it to make some notes for the facilities and equipment working group. The video is at


The Membership Working Group met in early April and discussed the introduction of QuickBooks online and a CRM, Customer Relations Management software, to help manage donor data.


David raised the idea of a second stream, for experimental programming and training new people.


Unfinished business:

website: There are some remaining technical issues with the current web host. As soon as these are resolved, Tao is ready to go with the site.


Job descriptions still need to be written. There isn’t total clarity on how the various jobs are divided between employees. Jill, who is working as a paid staff member and a volunteer, may need to have her duties better-defined for the purposes of CPB compliance. Separation of volunteer and paid work is needed, and the hours worked in each category should be counted.


A motion to adjourn was made by Ellen, seconded by Heather, and passed by voice vote.

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