Board Meeting Minutes — April 2016

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November 27, 2018
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Board Meeting Minutes — April 2016

The April meeting of the board of directors took place on April 19, 2016 in the Cope Ashlock room at the station. Minutes were recorded by the board secretary, Heather O’Connor.


Attending board members were John Betz, Laird Okie, David Owens, Dan Hemmelgarn, Curt Wohleber, Gail Plemmons, Ellen Schlie, Tao Weilundemo, and Heather O’Connor.


Station manager’s report:

The Missouri Arts Council Grant is being made available at the rate of $1800 a quarter, based on the rate of CPB money.


A check for approximately $1500 was received from the Amy Goodman event, not including additional money taken at the door.


The First Friday live broadcast event at the station, April 1, was very successful. The musical group was headed up by John Galbraith, it was very well attended, and it sounded great. The Cope Ashlock room was used for the event.


The spring fund drive is scheduled for May 1-7.


David Owens stated that he would like to increase the hours that the station is open for visitors and volunteers, possibly until 8 p.m week nights. The limiting factor on this is volunteer commitment; if volunteer staff are interested in signing up to be at the station regularly, open hours would be arranged around their schedule.


For the upcoming farmers’ market weekend, the musical live remote with Scott Denson will be at the same time as the Float Your Boat competition, in which we are also participating. The date is April 30th.


Earth Day is Sunday April 24th. The beginning of the festival is 12 p.m., but for the station’s remote, loading of equipment from the station begins at 7 a.m. Station volunteers are welcome to come and speak on the air during the day, to load equipment,  and/or to help staff the table and do outreach.


For the May First Friday event, May 6th, the Booneslick Chordbusters will be singing live in the station.


The headsets in the air room, everything coming out of the headphone distribution amp, is coming and going.


Unfinished business:

-Community Advisory Board- a meeting is due. New members are welcome.

-Website: Tao is working on the beta version, which is visible at

-A new lease is on offer from the Dalton family, which will end June 30, 2021. There was discussion of planning around that timeline, having a capital campaign starting very soon. There’s no guarantee that the future owners of the building would continue renting the space to us, so it will be necessary to assume that we will need to find a place to rent or purchase before the lease ends.

A capital campaign committee will be formed; volunteering for this committee we have Ellen Schlie, Tao Weilundemo, Curt Wohleber, and Heather O’Connor.


John Betz has volunteered to serve as the new Board Treasurer, since William Dellinger has missed three board meetings in a row.

Ellen nominated him for the position, Tao seconded, and the motion was carried by voice vote.


The meeting adjourned at 9:12 p.m.


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