Board Meeting Minutes — April 2015

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December 4, 2018
Board Meeting Minutes — March 2015
December 4, 2018

Board Meeting Minutes — April 2015

The April 2015 meeting of the New Wave Corporation Board of Directors was held in the
Cope- Ashlock room on the 21st day of the month.

It was called to order at 7:15 p.m. Members present were Curt Wohleber, Philip Rabbitt, Connie
Hyman, Dan Hemmelgarn, and David Owens, General Manager. Treasurer Dan Hemmelgarn led
the meeting due to the absence of both the President and Vice President.

People who were discussed as possible appointee board members included Ann Mehr, Tim
Hudspeth, Gene Robinson, Michael Brawley, and Joan Sullivan.

The General Manager’s agenda was accepted for use because the
President and Vice President were not present and had not provided agendas.

Financial Report:
The financial report/balance sheet was discussed and clarified, and accepted by voice vote.
Copies of the Auditor’s Report were made available to all attending members. All board
members will take an opportunity to review the report during the next month. An Audit
Communication Letter was also distributed for later perusal by board members.

CPB funds were discussed. The disbursement of funds to the station takes place twice annually,
2/3 in October and 1/3 in April.

The prospective deal with Socket was discussed. It would involve an upgrade to the tower in the
form of a backup generator and may yield other benefits such as improved internet streaming,
cloud storage, and streamlining of applications involving transmission and data.

The fundraising letter by Curt Wohleber is in the Dropbox folder. Envelopes are being printed
and may be ready for stuffing by Thursday or Friday. There may be an evening session or two.

Jackie Casteel is soliciting food, and Meg Poché thank-you gifts.

The Artrageous Weekend events were discussed. Two days of events took place, one a
performance painting to music by Chelsey Rees on Friday night, and a Saturday event
coordinated by Jackie Casteel.

The Float Your Boat festival is this upcoming Saturday. Check-in at 9 a.m. The Patty Mae will
be our entry.

Music this Saturday at Columbia Farmers Market: John Galbraith and the Broken Promises, with
Jackie Casteel running the remote broadcast.

Earth Day is rescheduled for this coming Sunday. Sign-up sheets are in the station and people are
being encouraged to volunteer.

The Community Advisory Committee meeting will be set up at some point.

The computer purchases were discussed, and there is approximately $9000 in grant funds
earmarked for those. Regarding the technical issues with the board, David Owens made a note to
speak with Sam Griffin about repairs, or with the engineer at KBIA.

Regarding the building; the lease is up in July 2016. David Owens has talked to Dick and Dave
Dalton. Both have indicated that they would like to see the station remain at this location. Legal
advisement may be engaged in this regard, and/or further conversations with the Daltons.

Meeting adjourned a 9:09 PM.

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