Board Meeting Minutes — January 2018

Board Meeting Minutes — February 2018
November 10, 2018
Board Meeting Minutes — January 2017
November 13, 2018

Board Meeting Minutes — January 2018

Minutes for the January meeting of the KOPN/NWC Board of Directors

The meeting was held on the 16th of the month at the Cope Ashlock room at the station.


In attendance were General Manager Sean Spence, President Dan Hemmelgarn, Treasurer

Allen Vaught, Secretary Heather O’Connor, board members Laird Okie, Laura Wacker,

Mohammed Sawani, Jackie Casteel, and Ellen Schlie. Visitors were John Lofton, Jeff Stack, Tim

Pilcher, John Clark, Gordon Rogers, and station employees Sarah Catlin and Jay Teutenberg.


Determination of new director terms: Dan Hemmelgarn, Heather O’Connor and Laura Wacker

received the most votes for the three year terms, but Heather O’Connor opted for a one-year

term. Having received the next most votes, Allen Vaught will serve a three-year term. Jackie

Casteel was elected to a one-year term. Additionally, Tim Pilcher, Gordon Rogers, John Lofton

and John Clark were appointed to one-year terms by the board.

After several minor amendments to the minutes, Allen moved that the minutes be approved,

Laird seconded, and they were approved by voice vote.


Nomination and election of officers for 2018:

Heather nominated Dan Hemmelgarn for President, Ellen seconded, and the appointment

passed by voice vote.

Ellen and Jackie both expressed willingness to serve as Vice President. Ellen withdrew her

candidacy and Jackie was appointed.

As per the nominations and votes, Heather O’Connor will continue in her position as Secretary,

and Allen Vaught will continue as Treasurer.


Treasurer’s report:

Laura pointed out a detail about last year’s 990 form, which is incorrect in that it has all the

payroll expenses included as payroll taxes. Sean will soon be dealing with this as part of the

audit, so he will take a look at it.

The subject of the unknown entry item labeled “ACQ” in the statement of financial position was

discussed briefly. John Clark expressed interest in joining the financial working group and would

like to help figure out what this item is.

Requests about the financial reports include more about accounts receivable, comparison of

this year to last. Dan moved that the financial report be approved, Gordon seconded, and the

motion passed by voice vote.


General Manager’s report:

Sean spoke about his goals for the financial situation, which include keeping the balance at 6

months’ worth of expenses in the bank. One goal is $33,000/month by next year.

He distributed a sheet of KOPN Goals for each year, 2018, 2019 and 2020. One item is the

KOPN Locally Owned Business Alliance, which would be a network that would generate money

through membership fees from the businesses. Events would also happen that would generate

money. The model for this is AMIBA.

January pledge drive: The dates for the pledge drive are January 31-February 6.

March event: The idea would be a local music concert fundraiser, and Jackie pointed out that in

March there are two other events: The Beard Contest is March 21st and the Women’s Day

House Concert is late in March at the station.

Boone Country Trust grant status: We probably won’t get the grant due to past failure to comply

with the conditions of the grant in terms of spending received funds and reporting on said


Air board status: Jay Teutenberg discussed the functioning of the airboard and some ideas

about improving its performance.

Stair lift: An estimate for a lift in the back that Sean got was $15,000. There was some

discussion of potential grant sources and other help such as through Services for Independent


Check signatures: Sean solicited the board for a motion to raise the level at which a check must

be signed by two signatories from $200 to $500. Ellen made a motion to this effect, Heather

seconded, and the motion passed by voice vote.


Committee and Working Group Reports:

Fiscal/Financial Working Group: They met this month (see Treasurer’s Report).

Programming Committee: Jackie is the board member who is also a programming committee

member. At the previous meeting, several new things were discussed. There are applicants for

the 2-5 a.m. Slot, and the 9-10 a.m. slot should be filled soon.

The committee meets on second Sundays at 5 p.m.

Gordon expressed interest in joining The Membership/Development Working group.

There is a volunteer welcoming event set up for this Saturday from 11 to 12:30 at the station.

Board members are encouraged to attend.

At Allen’s request, for the next meeting we should review our working groups and committee


The $10,000 donation from Debra Hardin’s estate was received by the station in January. The

idea of committing it to an endowment fund was raised, but Debra’s sisters did indicate that its

specific use should be the purchase of a new airboard.

Work hours in lieu of paid membership: There was discussion about the possibility of a student

membership level and discussion of the fact that the Manager is allowed to use discretion in

granting member status to volunteers on the basis of their hours. Allen moved that we table the

issue until next month, Laura seconded, and it passed by voice vote.

Conflict of interest policy: Sean found something on the Internet that should be reviewed by the

board for clarity. Allen moved that we table further discussion of the policy, Jackie seconded,

and it passed by voice vote.

Election policy wording: The new language to be added to the bylaws is, “Only one vote for one

candidate shall be counted from each ballot.” This must be posted on the bulletin board for at

least 10 days before the February meeting, and a vote will be taken at said meeting.

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