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KOPN has been on the air since March 3, 1973. Now KOPN looks to the future in our 49th year of broadcasting. We have developed this part of our site to reflect the history, diversity and community of our station. You will find information about KOPN’s struggles and successes in the history section.

KOPN is community radio. You can read about the dedication of time and talents of our Board of Directors and you can connect a face to a voice in our program pages. These are the men and women who bring you the personalized programming that you can only find at KOPN.

Support for KOPN comes from you the listener and from businesses that underwrite our shows. Find out who is underwriting your favorite show or become an underwriter yourself. You can also download our pledge form and support KOPN with your contribution.

KOPN’s in-depth and local talk programming allows you to join in the discussion. We also bring you national talk shows from National Public Radio and the Pacifica Radio Network.

Explore and enjoy our site. A lot has happened in 40+ years. If you are a long time supporter we hope you find some fond memories here If you are a visitor please tune us in whenever you are in the neighborhood. We are KOPN 89.5 FM Community Radio for Mid-Missouri.