A note about reorganizing our schedule

Newsletter: May 30, 2021
May 30, 2021
Newsletter: June 27, 2021
June 27, 2021

A note about reorganizing our schedule

A note about reorganizing our schedule–

Community radio, powered by volunteers, is necessarily always a work in progress and KOPN is no exception.  Across time, the schedule morphs out of shape and every so often we need to snap it back to a predictable, listener-friendly layout.  In mid-June we will launch a slightly reorganized version of our programming schedule. Your favorite programs will still be there though some will have moved.

You can still wake up to classical music on Morning Ayre.  National news, analysis, and interview will still be there to keep you informed during the early day.  Locally-produced interview and discussion programs will be easier to find now, organized into prime listening time in late afternoon on weekdays.  Locally-produced music shows will air evenings, overnight, and on weekends.

KOPN is licensed as a non-profit educational radio station with the mission of giving voice to all segments of the community, especially groups under-represented in media.  We invite proposals for local news and issues-related local programming.  We offer training in preparation of programs for broadcast or podcast, and in studio operation.

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