Pollo Bautista
Pollo Bautista

El Festival del Pollo

with host Pollo Bautista

Pollo brings a wonderful call-in program to mid-Missouri in the vein of AM radio shows of the golden years of the last century -only totally in Spanish! Hispanics in the area regularly call in during the program to speak on air and dedicate songs and well-wishes to friends and family here and abroad. The growing hispanic presence in the area is responding extremely well to the overtures of our "feathered friend", and KOPN is crowing with the success of this amazing new programming.

History: Originally created by Cristina Lindall, La Hora Latina passed to Bronwyn Madden when Cristina moved out of town. Bronwyn had many guest hosts from several Latin American countries, including journalism majors Suan Pineda from Venezuela and from Argentina, Mariana de Maio, (who herself branched off to create a wonderful two-hour Latin News and Culture program called Ondas Latinas. Frank Shulse of Latin Sounds encouraged Mariana and donated a two-hour slot on alternating Saturdays to this endeavor.) Since Bronwyn has moved on, Pollo has changed the format radically but brilliantly and his listenship is growing by leaps and bounds.

"El Festival del Pollo"
9:00 AM to Noon every Saturday